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Friday, June 15, 2012

6 Month Measurments


Weight 177.6 lbs -30.6 lbs
Arm (L)12 -1 (R)12 -1
Neck 13 -.5
Bust 39 -2.5Chest 31.5 -2
Waist 36.5 -4.5
Hips 43 -2
Thigh (L) 22 -3 (R) 22 -3

-19.5 inches lost overall

Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Race in 5 Years

So I've done it. I've registered for a 5Km race in August. After finding this little gem online how could I not want to be a part of it. The icing was on the cake so to speak when Groupon had a one day registration sale for only $20.00. Done and done...well it will be done in August but you get my point. I bought it without hesitation. Now all I have to do is start running again. Hahaha. And find a white shirt to wear for the race. But I think I'll wait until closer to the race date as my measurements (see below) are still on  a steady decline. I want to make sure these clothes are going to fit me because it really sucks to have to keep on pulling up on your shorts.

I was feeling a bit down because last week was my very first week where instead of a loss I gained. It was also the end of the first couple of weeks on a diet shake system. Let's just say I knew it wouldn't work before I bought it. Why did I buy it then do you ask. Well I bought it because I know not one but two people who went on it and they lost crazy amounts of weight and inches right away. Like 9 pounds in one week kind of crazy. So I've put it aside, discontinued my membership with them and have gone back to using myfitnesspal app. At least now I'm eating real food again and more importantly inches and pounds are going back in the direction I would like to see them going. Not as fast as I would like to see, but hey, "Slow and steady wins the race" right?


Weight 183.8lbs -24.6 lbs

Arm (L)12 -1 (R)12 -1
Neck 13 -.5
Bust 40 -1.5
Chest 32.5 -1
Waist 38 -3
Hips 43.75 -1.25
Thigh (L) 23 -2 (R) 23 -2

-13.25 inches lost overall

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doctor Appointment/Back To School

This post is probably going to be a bit scattered. I have a lot on my mind and not a lot of time to type/format. I got a call the other day regarding my referral. My appointment is on May 17th at noon. They were supposed to give me two but they screwed up and only made an appointment for one of the doctors. That's fine though because I got a new doctor (the other referral was for a doctor that I already used and didn't really like). New doctor is in Vancouver so I am able to leave work and get paid for four hours as the appointment is in Vancouver. I'm debating using three vacation hours and just taking the whole day off. I don't know. We'll see. Speaking of work I now need to talk about school. Don't see the connection just yet. Wait for it, you will. As I'm on a one year maternity leave position I've been thinking of ways to make myself more useful and I've been trying to put myself in more of a position for them to want to keep me. So I decided to go back to school and take a few courses so I can work in the same department but have a better position. Look out BCIT here I come. Diet is going very well for both me and my husband. I've lost 17.4 pounds already!!!! My husband has just completed his second week and all together he has now lost 5 pounds himself. Super proud of both of us!!! People at work are starting to notice my loss and it feels great!


Weight 191lbs -17.4 lbs

Arm (L)12.5 -.5 (R)12.75 -.25
Neck 13.5
Bust 40.5 -1
Chest 32.5 -1
Waist 40 -1
Hips 44.5 -.5
Thigh (L) 24 -1 (R) 24 -1

-6.25 inches lost overall

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm not too sure if this is entirely accurate as I measured right after I worked out this morning but here they are:


Arm (L) 13 (R) 13.5
Neck 13.5
Bust 41.5
Chest 33.5
Waist 41
Hips 45
Thigh (L) 25 (R) 25

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Healthy Greek Salad

Eat your colors! This is my version of a healthy Greek salad! Makes two servings.

1/2 Cucumber
2 Roma Tomatoes
1/3 Yellow Pepper
1/3 Orange Pepper
1/3 Red Pepper
1/4 Red Onion
3 Mushrooms

1/2 cup Kraft Feta Cheese
1 Avocado
1 Lemon squeezed over everything as your dressing
Fresh ground Black Pepper to taste

Here is a photo of the prep work minus the cheese, black pepper, avocado and lemon juice.

Nutritional Facts per one serving:
164 Calories, Total Fat 7.1 g, Saturated 2.8g, Polyunsaturated .4g, Monounsaturated 1.6g, Trans, .1g, Cholesterol 15mg, Sodium 173.5mg, Potassium 530.2mg, Total Carbs 18.4g, Dietary Fiber 5.0g, Sugars 6.0g, Protein 7.2g, Vitamin A 43.5%, Vitamin C 430.4%, Calcium 12.8%, Iron 14.5%

I'm Back!

Well look how time has gotten away from me. Just over a year later and I have gained all the weight (plus some) back and we are still without a baby. I did have my surgery last year for endometriosis. It did not help. For the last six months I've taken birth control to stop my periods. This has not helped (well it has but not completely). The birth control has helped by taking away the debilitating pain I used to get when I actually got my periods but it has not taken away the constant daily pain I have in that area. I have another family doctor now and an appointment with her on the 21st to see who she will refer me to. Last June I got my dream job working for the City of Surrey at City Hall but it was only for a 6 month contract. Before it expired I was offered a one year maternity leave position in October. I decided to go on birth control and put a hold on the baby thing until I get on permanent full time. I could get pregnant now and qualify for maternity leave but I would prefer to have a job to come back to especially if I have a baby to look after. I don't know what happened to the weight loss thing. It seems like I always fail, I stop blogging and working out and my food doesn't get tracked anymore. It also seems like I always start my "lifestyle change" in December. As I did yet again this year. Like I can't start in January with everyone else because that would be too clique. This time I started December 26, 2011 at 208.4 pounds. Almost 7 weeks in and I've lost 12.2 pounds bring me down to about where I left this blog off last year. So now I'm 196.2 pounds (as of today) and next year I'll be damned if I say that I'm in the 200's again. This time around I'm going to post my favorite healthy meals with pictures!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TTC Cycle day 29

So today is test day, which means that I was supposed to get my period yesterday. All day yesterday I felt like my period was coming, well let me be more specific by saying that I got the cramps that I get before the really bad cramps come on. Because of my endo when I really cramp they are unbearable. But these ones were more like the cramps I get that are just uncomfortable (the ones I get that let me know that the worst is yet to come). The thing is they didn't get any worse (or better for that matter). So here I am today a whole day late and I still have the cramps...and now I have brown spotting. My cervix which I normally don't check is super low.

I really thought that I was pregnant this cycle until a few days ago when I felt like I lost my symptoms. Yes my breasts were still tender but nowhere near the same extent and the bloating deflated, not all the way, but enough to notice. I don't really have any hope left for this cycle. I haven't tested today as I have been testing since cycle day 23 and have been getting BFN's (Big Fat Negatives). So with the spotting this morning if I don't get my period in a couple of days I'll test again then. But I don't think I'm going to make it until then :(

I'm super depressed today and I think it's because Christmas is right around the corner. I was really hoping that we would be able to share some exciting news with our families and now it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I'm hanging onto a sliver of hope right now. I have heard of cramping and spotting in early pregnancy but I haven't heard of cramping, spotting, low temperatures, and a low cervix with a good outcome.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.